Who would you prefer: A Boss or a Leader ?

Bosses of firms have a huge responsibility to run their company. They have to take important decisions pertaining to the company management. However, there occurs a situation when the bosses are rendered helpless. As an instance, there can be a dispute between the bosses of a firm and the employees over low wages and that can lead to stopping of work.This can lead to major loss of revenue for the business. What can the company owner do? If the dispute over wages, between the company owner and its employees, is serious, the former might have no options left other than to shut business operations either temporarily or permanently.

In such situations, what role the leader plays? Surely, that person can act as a mediator between the company management and the workers.

The Management Training Providers in India helps to hone leadership qualities in prospective candidates. Once a solution has been figured out, it is the leader who requires communicating the same to the employees, convince them so that company work can be resumed again. Read More


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